Sensory Suite

Our brand new Sensory studio provides another area where our pupils can interact with the environment.

It is an incredibly versatile space that can be adapted to any area of the curriculum and provides a platform for immersive environments, informational scenarios, interactivity, multi-sensory stimuli and special events.

The space consists of many pieces of equipment, including an interactive bubble tube, a wind tunnel, 3 projectors that project an image across 3 walls, a floor projector  and a variety of alternative control interfaces for use by students and staff.

We have employed a technician who is able to assist staff in producing 4D powerpoints to use within the studio. Staff are able to develop their own content and use sensors, cameras, microphones, and the computer to trigger various lighting, video and sound events. In this way, students of any ability can gain control over their environment and teachers can control a particular scenario.

Sessions make use of auditory, tactile, visual, taste and smell stimuli with integrated music therapy and aim to provide pupils with the opportunity to learn whilst working, exploring and experiencing independently.


Bleasdale School is an Outstanding school which has continued to build on its previous Outstanding inspection findings.

Ofsted 2012

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