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This term we have lots of different activities happening over lunchtime. The EYFS and some Primary pupils enjoy exploring sensory boxes, nursery rhymes and action songs, decorating animals from Old Macdonald farm, flower craft and sharing sensory stories.

The more active Primary pupils whenever possible are making use of the outside area, accessing the playground, swings and slide. They are also playing parachute games, building using Lego, playing ball games and taking part in spring crafts.

Secondary pupils are in two groups. One group is relaxing and listening to different music genres, playing musical instruments, having sensory stories and massage.

The other group are more active and play ball games, go on the swings and play on the outdoor playground.

Our 14-19 students also access a range of different activities. They listen to music, play parachute games, play Curling and Boccia, do jigsaws and puzzles, drawing and colouring in and also go to the outside playground.. They enjoy massage and relaxation and experiencing different sensory textures and stories and some students enjoy going to the sensory suite.


This year’s school council representatives are Melissa, Jack, Peaches, Zak, Alfie and Sarah. The school council meet at least once every half term to try and organise fun and exciting activities for the pupils to do.

In Autumn Term we decided to celebrate relationships between pupils through running a ‘friendship’ week. The week ran from the 12th – 16th of November and every lunch club participated in activities during this time which were based around friendship; making pictures with our finger prints, dancing together, games with the friendship band and inclusive sports were just a few of the things on offer. Each child in the school chose their favourite piece of material or ribbon from a box and this is being made into a new friendship band for us all to share and enjoy. During the week everyone got to spend time doing an activity with someone from a different class to their own, we all had great fun!

Look out for what we will decide to do next term!

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