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Each class has lots of different activities taking place over lunchtime. Primary 1 pupils are taking part in arts and crafts, switch work in the sensory area and sensory stories. The more active group are accessing the outdoors and play area, music time, mini beasts, and sensory massage. Primary 2 are working on dance and yoga, playing with construction items and lots of group activities using the parachute and friendship band as well as sharing story time.

Secondary are also taking part in arts and crafts, listening to and playing along with music, playing ball games and dance.

14-16 are enjoying listening to audio books, using their switches to activate lots of different items, yoga and wellbeing. Whenever possible and weather permitting they are accessing the garden, building with bricks and choosing their favourite music to dance along to.

16-19 are very busy. Not only do they have to wash up their dinner pots and sweep the dining room floor they also play bowling, ball games, have a disco and enjoy exploring the garden.


Our School Council is made up from a representative from each class. This term we have been looking at the 5 ways of wellbeing these are:

Connect – talk and listen, be there, feel connected. We play parachute games, put balls on the parachute, play board games, musical statues and friendship band games.

Give – your time, your words, your presence. We carry out random acts of kindness, recycle our rubbish.

Take notice – remember the simple things that give you joy.  We go on walks together, we participate in YOGA and massage and we explore nature.

Keep learning – embrace new experiences, see opportunities surprise yourself. We try to learn a new word/sign, listen to new music or read new books.

Be Active – do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood. We enjoy riding our bikes, accessing the play equipment, dancing with our peers, play target games.

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